Boarding: Cats and Dogs

Pet boarding - Outside Run of th Dog KennelWe are very proud of our pet boarding facilities here at the Animal Care Center. If your pet needs a place to spend the night or the week, please call to reserve them a spot in our kennel – 931-967-6345.

Dog Boarding

We have indoor and outdoor dog runs, and dogs are walked and fed twice daily.

The kennel is climate controlled, and has its own dedicated staff. The kennel staff is on a constant cleaning rotation for complete sanitation.

Cat Boarding

Pet Boarding: Cat Boarding RoomOur cat boarding ward is located on the opposite side of the building from the dog kennel to ensure a calm and quite area for your cat to stay with us.

In the “cat room,” there is a large bay window for the cats to look out over the pond. The room also features fun kitty furniture for them to climb on when they are out and about for their exercise.

Pet Boarding Benefits

Animals are given medications as needed, and are under constant observation by the kennel staff. Should any medical problems arise, a doctor is always available for examination, and treatment.